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About our brands

Recticel Flexible Foams is the manufacturer of several well-known brands in various industrial markets. Here’s an overview of the main brands in alphabetical order.

ANS® (Anti Noise Systems)


Acoustical products for building and industrial applications.
For the building market the product name ISOL+ is introduced, for the industrial applications the brands Soundfoam® and Soundamp® are used.


Seating and bedding applications.
These are foams using renewable resources. Containing natural vegetable oils rather than purely fossil fuels, Arcadia is designed with the environment in mind, and will definitely reduce your carbon footprint

Body Foams®

Body Foams

Intimate apparel and swimwear applications.
Foams mainly used for moulded and cut&sew cups. Product range contains: Bulfast® (light stable PU foam), Bodicel® (delayed yellowing PU foams), PureFeel® PSW (biological PU foam) and Memocel® (shape memory foam).

Comfort Bultex®

Comfort Bultex

Seating and bedding applications.
The very best of HR foams for seating and back cushions is made in a range of grades all meeting strict density and hardness criteria to conform to the Comfort Bultex curve and offering the unique Comfort Bultex guarantee on quality.



Seating and bedding applications - Highly porosity applications.
These products are ideal for garden and other outdoor seating applications such as in boats, where they are likely to get wet and there is a requirement for the foam to dry quickly. Or in bedding applications where air flow is an important factor.

Foam for Care®

Healthcare applications.
Comfort solutions for patient care in hospitals and at home.
Four main areas are covered: pressure-reducing mattresses, wheelchair cushions, positioning cushions, and filling materials for various care solutions such as slings, splints and collars.

Frame Foam®

Furniture applications – light weight frame alternative.
This is a specially developed cellular foam material providing solutions for support functions in comfort applications. It is a semi rigid material with unusual elastic properties, making it possible to replace weight bearing elements in seating made from, for example, wood or metal with components in Frame Foam.


Green roofs
Polygrow® provides a solution for urban greening: in a green roof system it combines the advantages of traditional multi-layer systems in only one slab: Polygrow® works as water buffer, substrate and drainage in one.


Re bounce

Sports applications.
Brand for all sports products manufactured by Recticel. High-quality, tailor-made shock pads and underlays for outdoor and indoor use and a complete range of impact absorbing and protection products such as judo and gym mats and rugby training equipment.



Sports, industrial and home & office applications
Brand for crash barriers for motor sports, for warehouse protection and for car guards in your garage at home.



Seating and bedding applications.
Memory (or visco-elastic) foam range, designed to be more breatheable than ordinary ‘visco’ foams. It is offered in a range of densities between 45 and 85kg /m3 and with subtle differences in hardness and ‘memory speed’.



Shoe applications.
Comfortable PU materials for plain inlay soles; upholstery pieces or shoe linings; electrically conductive PU foams for use in safety shoes and thermoformable PU foams for the production of 3-dimensional shaped inlay soles with arch support.

Some other products names are Sweepex® (sponges), Pottscorer® (polishing and painting pads), Firend® (acoustics), Bulpren® (filtration), Filtren® (filtration), Lamiflex® (automotive) amongst others.