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Acoustic foam

Recticel manufactures noise insulation material for various industries and applications.

Industrial applications

ANS® offers standard acoustic foam or custom-designed acoustic insulation material for industrial applications. The product ranges Soundfoam® and Soundamp® provide soundproofing foam solutions to protect the work crew against the extreme noises and vibrations of machines.

Automotive applications

For the transportation sector, special automotive acoustic insulation products are designed for cars, trucks, busses, off-road vehicles, marine, military, and aerospace. Different car noise reduction materials exist to reach specific goals such as absorption, transmission, reflection and vibration damping.

Building applications

Our ISOL+ foam offers a broad product range of acoustic insulation foam for absorption and insulation of noise within houses, schools, offices, call centers, restaurants, theatres, recording studios, factories, swimming pools or any other reverberant area. Our polyurethane-based acoustic foam panels, tiles, sheets,… provide effective soundproofing insulation solutions for the acoustical insulation of your floors, ceilings and walls.

Recticel has built up an excellent reputation as acoustic foam manufacturer.

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