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Bedding & seating

Recticel Flexible Foams is an experienced manufacturer of comfort polyurethane foams for bedding and seating applications.

In the bedding sector, we make and shape a board range of foam mattresses, pillows and cushions. We incorporate different polyurethane foam qualities into the same mattress or pillow in order to create mattresses or pillows with the exact properties as desired by our customers. High resilient PU foam, memory foam, anti bacterial foam, extremely breathable PU foam, … all feature in our product range.

Our Foam for Care® division is dedicated to providing comfort solutions for patient care in hospitals, nursing homes and at home. You can find more information on their website

Seating foam from Recticel can be found across many different sectors and industries. From PU foam for car seats to office furniture and at home (sofas, couches and chairs). We even specialize in seats for airplanes and floatation cushions! These high tech foam seats comply with the most stringent requirements. Have a look at

Both for seating and bedding, we offer conversion facilities worldwide and a wide range of foams to choose from. Contact us for more information!