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Clothing & shoes

Flexible polyurethane foam is used extensively in the clothing and shoe industry.

Almost any kind of shoe nowadays contains PU foam: city shoes, runners, hiking boots, house shoes, … The functions of these polyurethane foams can be diverse: protection, shock absorption, lining, shaping, and more.

Within the clothing industry, the main consumer of PU foam is the intimate apparel world. PU foam is used in bras in (moulded) bra cups. The success of moulded bra cups has been enormous over the last ten years. These days, 70 to 80% of all bras are made with PU foam cups. Why? Because PU foam offers mainly advantages such as the excellent comfort, support and shaping properties. Also in the swimwear market the use of PU foam cups is increasing steadily.

Other applications for flexible PU foam in clothing are shoulder pads and protective clothing.

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