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Filtration foam

The applications of a PU foam filter in daily life are numerous. Everybody knows water filters in swimming pools or aquariums, or dust filters in vacuum cleaners, but there are multiple other filters: automotive air filters such as air filters for cars or truck air filters; automotive oil filters such as motorcycle, car or truck oil filters; air filter foam in air-conditioning systems; …

In order to get a perfect filtration result, PU foam for filtration needs to have perfectly calibrated cell sizes. Recticel can guarantee excellent foam filtration results thanks to its internal method for measuring PU cell size diameters (Visiocell® link to the FAQ page) and its reticulation technology. We can offer a large portfolio of open-cell polyurethane foam filter qualities.

Our Bulpren®, Filtren®, Firend® and Dryfeel® product ranges serve several filtration markets:

Recticel has polyester or polyether filtration foam; blocks, rolls or converted parts. Please contact us with your specific requirements.