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Recticel Flexible Foams has developed several polyurethane foams with excellent water, humidity and air sealing properties. These are mainly used in automotive and industrial construction applications such as pour-in-place technology, seals or gaskets in air conditioning units, windows, doors, lights, roof windows and refrigerators.

Some of our brands

Superseal, Hydroseal and Pureseal™ are water-repellent foams with excellent water sealing properties, low water absorption, low air permeability and low compression hardness. These grades are ideal for gaskets and seals (air, humidity and water).

Situseal is a liquid repellent barrier for pour-in-place technology, in the manufacturing of automotive seats and headrests.

Isoseal LP has a high percentage of (partially) closed cells and therefore exhibits a high resistance to airflow. It is used in numerous automotive and industrial applications (seal gasket, pour-in-place technology).

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