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Green roofs

Today, more and more cities look like concrete jungles: new streets and houses are built, solving the problem of missing space and increasing traffic. This leads to high CO2 emissions, flooding, noise and the heat island effect.
To take a part in counteracting these environmental problems Recticel developed a complete new solution for urban greening: Polygrow®. This foam is hydrophilic, inert and very light.

Basically Polygrow® had been developed as substrate for the professional horticultural sector. In cooperation with BVB Substrates and more than 50 growers around the world, Polygrow® had been customized to the needs of this branch, leading to an increased yield and an easier manageability.

Since 2010 Polygrow® is available as a green roof system, combining the advantages of traditional multi-layer systems in only one slab: PG D2 works as water buffer, substrate and drainage in one. It is very easy and fast to install and additionally saving costs in transport. With its huge water buffer capacity (up to 35l/m2), its light weight (max. 50l/m2 incl. sedum) and the possibility to create almost every shape and size, Polygrow® might revolutionize the total branch.
With Polygrow® great vertical walls can be designed, too. Due to its good capillarity, rigid shape and its great rewetting properties it’s perfectly adapted for this application.

So, the diversity of Polygrow® is almost unlimited. Check for more information or contact us!