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Consumer goods

Flexible PU foams are used in a vast array of products in the consumer market. Did you know that the following products have parts made of polyurethane foam?

The elastic strip in diapers can be made out of polyurethane foam. Recticel flexible Foams has developed the Elasticel product range for this purpose. It is a PU foam with very high elasticity, elongation and tear resistance. It is also very soft so it makes the diaper more comfortable to wear. The foam is also Oekotex, class I (babies), certified.

A lot of the sponges used for all kinds of applications are made of polyurethane foam: household cleaning, industrial cleaning, massage and cosmetic sponges. A large range of products is available in all kinds of different colours.

Other products containing PU foam: shoes, bras, vacuum cleaners, polishing disks, shoulderpads, paint rollers, shoe-polish dispensers, clothing, decoration, packaging and many more consumer foam products!

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