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Sport & leisure

In the world of sports you come across many applications and systems based on flexible PU foam.

Did you know that many indoor and outdoor sport floors have a polyurethane based shock pad underlay? In contact sports, such as judo, the protective equipments are made out of polyurethane foam.

Racing tracks are being made safer with Safeguard®, our brand for crash barriers for motor sports. Recticel Flexible Foams also manufacturers PU foam that is used in ski goggles, hiking boots, protective sports clothing and more.

Not only sports floors and equipment gets our full attention, but also the acoustics in indoor sports facilities. ISOL+ Impact S sound absorbing panels, made of PU foam with textile cover, contribute to the noise control by improving the listening environment in sports halls.

Also in your leisure time you will find many of our PU foams: when sitting in the theatre on a seat made of our PU upholstery foams including special fire retardant, when relaxing outdoors on a sun bed with a Dryfeel® mattress, and on many more occasions.
For sure your kids already played on a playground area where the safety of the floor was realized with high-density PU foams.

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