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Transport & automotive

Recticel is known as one of the leading automotive foam suppliers. We also deliver automotive foam solutions for aerospace, aviation, marine and rolling stock industries.
Recticel produces and converts many flexible PU foams which are used in the transport sector.

Automotive foam is supplied for seating, headliners (Flikes), doorpanels, pour-in-place applications (Situseal, Isoseal, Sealan) and filtration (Filtren, Bulpren). This automotive polyurethane foam can be delivered in a variety of forms to suit the customer. From foam rolls and cut pieces, to laminated materials bonded to a range of face coverings.

Through its Converting Solutions activity, Recticel is also a key supplier of converted automotive foam products to OEM's and Tier 1's. Custom-made high performance parts for the engine compartment or car interior are provided for functions such as acoustic insulation, water sealing, shock absorption, filtration or storage.

Our air conditioning gaskets and filters, motor hood covers and sealings and other acoustical interior parts are made of a wide variety of materials such as polymer foams (PU, PE, PP, EPDM), film, fibre materials or adhesives and converted with a vast range of up-to-date processing technologies such as cutting, lamination, injection, moulding or thermo-compression.

Where applicable, our auto foam complies with the latest and most severe emission standards.

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