Isoseal is a polyester based polyurethane foam with a high percentage of closed or partially closed cells. This results in higher resistance to airflow, compared to traditional polyethers or polyesters. Thanks to their fine cellular structure and their low permeability to air, Isoseal grades can be used as barrier foams for in-situ or pour-in-place applications*.


* A liquid PU foam is injected into a cover made of a foam-textile complex which is then placed in a mould. The part takes its final form during the polymerisation process of the injected foam. This technology replaces the traditional process of assembling a cover over a pre-shaped foam core.


Product grades

Material Foam Grade Density (kg/m³) Flame laminable
Polyester PU foam Isoseal LPF 30 40
Isoseal S 40 40
Controlled air permeability
Barrier foam for in situ technology