Sealan S 20 is a polyester PU grade for automotive applications. Featuring controlled air permeability and very fine cells, it is mainly intended for use in pour-in-place/in-situ applications*. It is also suitable for other applications such as door panels. Sealan S 20 F (Firm) offers enhanced hardness.


* A liquid PU foam is injected into a cover made of a foam-textile complex, which is then placed in a mould. The part takes its final form during the polymerisation process of the injected foam. This technology replaces the traditional process of assembling a cover over a pre-shaped foam core.


Product grades for seating accessories

Material Foam Grade Density (kg/m³) Flame laminable
Polyester PU foam Sealan S 20 (F) 33
Controlled air permeability
Very fine regular cell structure
Barrier foams for in situ technology