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Flexible polyurethane foams are being used in different industries as lining material. Below are some of the prime examples.

Consumer goods: PU foam is used as lining in various shoe types, from sport shoes to city shoes. The PU lining forms and shapes the shoe. In diapers, our Elasticel foam is used as elastic lining in the closing strip. In lingerie, PU foam is used as lining in hook & eye tapes and in the straps of the bra to increase the comfort of the wearer.

Automotive: flexible PU foam is used as lining for the interior of your car. As headliner, in the door panels, to cover the seats, … The characteristics of these PU foams range from acoustics (sound insulation), heat insulation, flame resistance, reinforcement, anti fogging, to low emission and others, depending on the application.

Seating and bedding: Firend® is a flexible polyurethane foam which is impregnated to give it excellent fire resistant properties. This foam is used in mattresses, pillows and cushions as interline to make them as safe as possible and decrease the risk of them ever catching fire.

There are many more instances in which flexible polyurethane foams are used as lining. Contact us for more information!