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Packing foam

Recticel Flexible Foams offers PU foam for different packaging needs. Foam packaging material has in general several advantages over other packaging material such as excellent shock absorption. Even if you drop your package, you can rest assured the content will not get damaged. Moreover, the shape of the foam packing material can be completely customized, fitting exactly around the item to be transported.

For electronic packaging we have developed Recstat®, the perfect solution for transporting delicate items such as printed circuit boards and semi-conductors. As Recstat® offers Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection it is proper anti static foam packaging to protect your electronics.

Electronic packaging materials made from Recstat® can be die cut to fit perfectly around the item. This way the object is also perfectly protected by the foam packing against shocks and vibrations.

We can also supply tailor-made foam packaging solutions for hardware, for porcelain, for jewels, for telescopes and more. In short, foam packing material exists for everything you want to protect.

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