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Foam polishing pads

Recticel Flexible Foams is an expert in the development of foam polishing pads. A foam polishing pad is nowadays being used in different industries.

In the shoe market, foam polishing pads are used to clean and polish shoes. The foam, which can be optionally flocked with fibres, is cut into the desired foam applicator shape. These shoe sponge applicators allow dispersing the shoeshine evenly and protect the shoe from being scratched during the cleaning process.

Foam polish pads are also used to polish floors or as paint rollers. The most well known application for foam polishing however is the automotive industry, where the polishing pads, also known as buffing pads, are used for the treatment of painted surfaces: for example to repair paint defects or to remove paint. A different foam polishing pad exists for each job: from moderate to abrasive car polishing pads.

Recticel’s Pottscorer® is a well-known brand in all these industries. Our Pottscorer grades have high mechanical strengths. Especially the tear and abrasion resistance are noteworthy.
Cell size and openness can also be adapted to the end-use.

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