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Noise and vibration are inherent in any machine with moving parts and are a concern throughout industry. More accurate monitoring of sound levels and better understanding of their impact on human health lead to stricter noise legislation for industrial equipment. Recticel provides a range of silencing solutions for acoustic isolation, acoustic absorption and thermo-acoustic insulation. Our products can meet strict NRC ratings and resist chemicals, fire, humidity and other conditions common in industrial environments.


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Many industrial devices rely on air, gas, water and liquid sealing to operate. Ineffective sealing can lead to higher energy consumption, reduced efficiency, increased downtime and possible environmental damage. For optimal performance, sealing products must be designed for the application at hand. Working with equipment manufacturers, Recticel has developed a portfolio of solutions that provide excellent sealing at different compression ratios. They integrate resistance to factors such as weathering, high temperatures, fungi and fluids in industrial environments. We also supply several products that combine sealing and silencing attributes.


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Filtering materials are essential in industrial equipment. Poor filtering leads to reduced efficiency, higher manufacturing costs and machine damage. It also compromises the quality of end products. Recticel’s portfolio includes reticulated polyester and polyether foams that separate air, gas, water, liquid and solids in machinery. They have an open cellular network and are available in several cell sizes to ensure optimal performance. Various options are available to provide resistance to factors such as humidity and fire in industrial environments.


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