Why choose Recticel Flexible Foams?



re-bounce®: benefits


re-bounce® adds value to every sport by providing a long-lasting, shock absorbing layer to suit any playing surface, with a unique set of benefits:

Enhanced sports experience

  •  Portfolio of high quality solutions for indoor and outdoor sports
  •  Increased safety and reduced injury risk
  •  Homogeneous sports functional properties over the whole pitch
  •  Perfect water management
  •  Surface cooling in hot weather
  •  Maximum energy efficiency on pitches with field heating
  •  Acoustic comfort through sound-absorption
  •  Meets requirements of all international sports federations


  •  Very durable high density open-cell polyurethane foam
  •  Dimensional stability due to open cell structure
  •  Lasts over the lifetime of several artificial turf carpets
  •  Ensures long term quality performance of the system, even if the pitch is not perfectly maintained (FIFA(1) study, 2013)

Easy installation

  •  Available in rolls and sheets
  •  Tailor-made to your requirements, with roll lengths cut to the width of the pitch
  •  Installation possible in all weather conditions, including wind and rain
  •  Little or no equipment needed (installation guidelines are available)
  •  Pre-manufactured, avoiding the problems of in situ e-layer production

Endless versatility

  •  Products can be tailored to match the needs of any playing surface, indoors or outdoors
  •  Product managers and international R&D (based in Belgium) work together to innovate constantly
  •  Recticel and re-bounce® have a long history of developing creative products that anticipate industry needs


  •  Environmentally friendly and made from recycled raw materials
  •  Manufactured in a controlled production environment
  •  Outdoor shock pad lasts over the lifespan of several installations
  •  Non-toxic, odourless and non-polluting
  •  Helps save resources (sprinkling water, energy on heated pitches)
  •  Easily recyclable at the end of its life


(1) International Federation Association of Football