Why choose Recticel?

Recticel - The Passion for Comfort


Who are we?

As an international industrial player we want to make an essential difference in the daily comfort experience of everyone. Relying on our competences, our profound expertise in the transformation of polyurethane chemistry, we are committed to bring responsible answers to the various challenges and needs of our time and to create shared value for Recticel and society. We aim to achieve, in an efficient, sustainable and balanced manner, added value and a steady and profitable growth for all our clients and shareholders.


Headcount April 2020



Our business lines

Our core portfolio is organised around four selected application areas: Flexible Foams, Insulation, Bedding and Automotive.

Our Flexible Foams business line develops and produces a wide variety of solutions with product attributes such as silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting and comforting.

Our Insulation business line offers high quality thermal insulation products that are immediately used in construction projects and building renovations. Our insulation products are marketed under well-known brand and product names: Eurowall®, Powerroof®, Powerdeck®, Powerwall®, Xentro®...

In our Bedding division, consumer-ready mattresses, slat bases and box springs are marketed und well-know brand names such as Beka®, Lattoflex®, Literie Bultex®, Schlaraffia®, Semballa®, Superba®, Swissflex®,... and ingredient brands (GELTEX® inside, Bultex®).

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Our mission

In all we do at Recticel, we always try to leverage our outstanding expertise in polymer applications, particularly - but not limited - in polyurethane. We offer competitive high value added solutions to our customers, hereby creating day-to-day comfort and shared value for our customers, employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders.


Our vision

We aim to be the leading global provider of high value added comfort solutions in all our core markets; this by supporting key worldwide trends such as environment protection, energy conservation, aging and increasing population and water management.


Our Core Values

Early 2016 we have carefully redefined our Group core values in to order enable our organisation to fully align its actions and attitudes towards internal as well as external stakeholders.
Today our core values, which each are linked to clearly defined underlying behaviours, can be summarized in the following five key notes:

  • We strive for results
  • We innovate to create value
  • We act with respect & integrity
  • We cooperate to win
  • We take ownership and feel accountable

They describe how we interact, how we do business and how we work together in order to grow as a company and as individuals.
Our Core Values will help teams and employees to progress, to create a positive corporate culture and to give our organisation as a whole a strong stimulus for growth.


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Our strategy

Recticel’s strategy is to sustainably position the Group as the leading supplier of high value-added solutions in the Group’s key markets. 

Priority is given to:

  • Sustainable Innovation in value added applications, products, materials
  • Overall simplification of the Group & rationalization of the manufacturing footprint
  • Pursue international expansion outside Europe
  • Sustainable development criteria in all business decisions

Continuous improvement in the development of our people and teams is key to our achievements. Meeting sustainable development criteria in all business decisions is also essential to long-term success.


Sustainability: Growing together towards a PURe future

We consider sustainability along our entire value chain, from raw materials sourcing to product manufacturing, consumption and end-of-life. We take responsibility for our own activities, but also in our sphere of influence upstream as well as downstream. To help deliver our sustainability ambitions, we invest in close partnerships with stakeholders (suppliers and customers) and also industry, authorities and NGOs along our value chain.


Global issues such as climate change, the depletion of natural resources and a population which grows older affect our lives every day, and our actions shape the legacy we pass on to future generations.

In response, Recticel has launched a number of initiatives to mitigate the negative impact of these changes on people and on the planet, and enhance the positive, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recticel has expressed its commitment to embedding sustainability firmly within the DNA of the whole organisation.

Innovation and people are key in achieving these goals. For this reason, we have clustered the material sustainability aspects into two main pillars. All aspects linked to innovation have been brought together in the Sustainable Innovation Plan, focusing on meeting the needs of society, optimising the carbon footprint throughout the value chain and using resources efficiently. New societal needs and the transition towards a circular economy bring with them opportunities to differentiate ourselves and create shared value. We have to seize these opportunities and further explore the possibilities for reuse and recycling for our products at end-of-life stage.

Achieving growth in a sustainable manner requires people’s support. In the second pillar, our People Priority Plan, we stress our commitment to maintaining high standards of business ethics and integrity in everything we do. This commitment is reflected in our policies, demonstrating the way we do business and what we stand for as a company. In addition, we aim to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees by providing safe and healthy working conditions and an inspiring and rewarding place to work, with ample opportunity to develop talents.