White paper

Material developments in car interior and engine compartment

Recticel Flexible Foams, 27.01.2018


Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles have seen rapid evolution over the last few decades with an increasing focus on comfort, convenience, safety and the quality of the driver and passenger experience. Globalisation has brought with it higher standards and more extensive legislation. Today’s vehicle manufacturers need eco-friendly production and assembly methods as well as lightweight materials that reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Higher engine temperatures and pressures place extra demands on silencing, sealing and filtering components. Superior silencing materials are also required to enhance comfort in the car interior, which contributes to general well-being and safer, more relaxed driving. Tactile pleasure and aesthetics, which were once the preserve of luxury vehicles, are now a basic requirement for every model. 

This white paper summarises developments in the market before looking at how materials are evolving, how they help to solve specific problems and what the future holds for this exciting and fast-growing sector.

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