Why choose Recticel Flexible Foams?

The ideal partner for industrial equipment manufacturers 

Recticel has years of experience in the industrial equipment sector. As well as providing technical support, we offer consistent quality and service in more than 100 facilities worldwide.

Our global production footprint is supported by strong central facilities and services. These include a dedicated structure for innovation and R&D, a physical & chemical laboratory and 2D & 3D competence centres. These help us to develop a materials portfolio based on functional expertise. They also enable us to design robust solutions which are then manufactured locally using serial production methods.

Operational and logistics practices are standardised across all production units. Commercial accounts are managed globally with local follow-up, and we have a dedicated project management organisation for all new projects.


Acoustic expertise

Engineering and product validation

Recticel has considerable experience in finding Noise Control Solutions for our customers. We do this through two fully-equipped acoustic laboratories, a materials laboratory and a global manufacturing network.

Our comprehensive approach

1. Diagnosis and development:
 - Two complete acoustic laboratories to diagnose your noise control problem. Testing equipment in-house
 - On-site acoustic assistance
 - Software modelling capabilities
 - Application design

2. Evaluation: Our Engineers put the acoustic package to the test, running a simulation to ensure the Recticel solution meets the customer’s needs.

3. Production: Products manufactured to your specifications

4. Quality Assurance: Continual process improvement programmes




Physical properties testing

- Air flow resistivity
- Oberst Beam damping
- Thermal conductivity
- Shear and adhesive peel strength
- High temperature shear testing
- Flammability
- Heat, humidity, climate and steam autoclave aging
- UV stability
- Water absorption
- DMTA (Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis)



Global project management

With our unique combination of versatility, technological expertise and global footprint, we strive to design solutions that fulfil our
customers’ needs, from product design to final delivery of our products.