White paper

PU foam shock pads and underlays: top-level performers in sports flooring

Recticel Flexible Foams, 30.06.2017


Most outdoor sports originally evolved on natural turf. However, increasing participation in sport, limited availability of land, environmental concerns and the need to reduce costs and maintenance have led to wider use of alternative sports surfaces. Artificial turf carpets offer many advantages. In most cases they are more durable and flexible than natural grass. They allow more efficient use of space and better overall value for money. They can also deliver specific performance characteristics, which are becoming more refined as technology evolves and standards rise in the sports and leisure industry.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the requirements for sports surfaces can be roughly divided into general concerns that are of interest to athletes, facility managers and communities, and official standards that need to be addressed by sports flooring manufacturers and purchasers.

Straddling both these categories are player safety and performance: the top priorities when it comes to sports infrastructure.

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