Why choose Recticel Flexible Foams?

An experienced partner for the medical sector

Recticel Flexible Foams is able to leverage leading expertise in the medical sector and valuable synergies with many other applications and markets. We have been a major supplier to the healthcare market for over 30 years and specialise in designing and manufacturing customer-branded and own-branded pressure care products for OEMs and distributors to the acute/primary and community healthcare markets. These products include our Prima, Supaflex®, Protector and TRI-FLEX® mattress brands, as well as an extensive range of Foam for Care cushions and accessories.

Specialist expertise

Our Sustainable Innovation Department uses exceptional technical expertise to develop new ideas and products and is a first-class testing facility. By carefully blending and engineering our key ingredients, we have created an innovative portfolio of products developed to provide optimum pressure care to the various weight-bearing areas of the body. The range is highly customised, based on excellence in several areas:

Foam grades: Our extensive range of standard ethers, high-resilience and Visco foams provides an ideal basis for us to choose the best foam density, hardness and type for the job.

Antibacterial properties: In addition to ordinary antibacterial properties, we produce foams that combat MRSA bacteria (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), house mites and fungi. If a mattress cover is ever compromised, the core is still protected.

Fire retardancy: We provide solutions to meet country-specific requirements for fire retardancy in mattress foams and covers.

Profiling: Whether for decubitus prevention or simply to allow the mattress to flex with the bedframe, we have the cutting expertise and technology to design particular characteristics and features into any mattress type.

Covers: Welded or sewn and easy to clean, we select the right cover material for each mattress. Our bi-elastic PU covers are breathable but waterproof, can be manufactured in different colours and can also be screen printed.


Going to the core of medical needs

We work closely with manufacturers and decision-makers in the medical profession to make sure we fully understand their needs as they evolve. Our innovations help them to meet everyday challenges, including safety, budgetary and environmental goals. We achieve this by tuning our mattresses to meet specific needs for different applications:

Wash street proof

  • Patented system
  • Ingenious label design
  • Entire mattress washable
  • Anti decubitus properties


  • Extra-strong cover
  • Safe, sewn construction
  • Highly fire retardant
  • Hard-wearing


  • Anti-MRSA
  • Anti-house dust mite
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-odour

Home care

  • Basic care applications
  • Simple constructions
  • Good comfort and support
  • Wipe-clean covers


  • Low body weight usage
  • Cot mattress versions
  • Soft, durable foams
  • Easily disinfected


  • Higher body weight usage
  • Larger dimensions available
  • Specially designed cover
  • Firm, higher density foams

A comprehensive portfolio

Single layer

In its simplest format, a single piece of foam can be transformed by our technology to produce basic mattresses and more complex structures. We can also build in many design features and benefits from our unique key ingredients system to provide the comfort and pressure-reducing characteristics needed.



Intelligent use of different foam grades in layers is an effective way to create anti-decubitus solutions. We select and construct the optimum foam combinations from our vast range of foam grades to achieve the desired result. We may use two, three or more layers, with individual layers typically 2 cm to 10 cm thick.


Visco Elastic Foams

The pressure-reducing attributes of Visco Elastic foams are well known. As a leading foam producer, we understand how the best characteristics of Visco foams can be used with more resilient grades to provide the right combination of support and pressure care. Our Visco grades also offer excellent breathability.



Patients have different pressure reducing requirements for different parts of their anatomy. Their needs can be met by creating zoned mattresses using different foam grades. For example, extra care can be taken to protect heels, where pressure sores can be a particular problem.