Temperature-independent visco


Temperature-independent visco foams are characterised by lower temperature-sensitivity and retain their slow recovery properties in all temperature conditions. They are typically used for mattress top layers.


Product grades

TIV 46060


TIV 46060 is a slow recovery polyurethane foam with the unique advantage towards standard VE foam that it can be converted under all temperature conditions. The foam is used for top layers for different applications such as mattresses, cushions for furniture & upholstery, cushions and mattresses for campers & caravans.


Property Unit Method Value
Net density kg/m³ NF EN ISO 845 37-45
ILD 40% N ISO 2439 B 40-60
Compression Set (50% at 70°C) kPa ISO 1856/A ≤5

Specific information

Colour: beige
Gross foaming width: 2000 mm (-0/+30 mm)
Length of standard blocks: 1630 mm (-0/+20 mm)
Height of standard blocks: 850 mm (-0/+50 mm)
Minimum quantity: 60 RM
Block delivered rolled compressed: No