What can our foams do?

Attributes and products

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The Supporting attribute of our foams encompasses the impact resilience, pressure relief and caring functionalities that make seating more comfortable and enhance sleep quality. Our filling materials for seating cushions, mattresses and pillows cover a broad spectrum of density, hardness, resilience, dynamic fatigue and air permeability characteristics. 

By varying the cell structure, we can tailor foams to provide specific properties for a range of applications. For example, a completely open cell structure (produced by thermal reticulation) adds quick-drying functionality for outdoor furniture. A regular cell structure provides slow impact recovery and a structure of randomly-arranged open cells creates high resilience

As well as standard solutions, we produce speciality foams with added features like gel particles or specific ventilation and temperature sensitivity levels. This ability to develop customised foams for particular applications means that our portfolio is constantly expanding as our customers’ needs evolve.


All our combustion modified Polyether foams, Visco Elastic foams and HR foams meet the BS 5852 Crib 5 fire requirements. 


Our products

Standard foams
Polyether foams
HR foams
Visco Elastic foams


Speciality foams
Comfort Bultex®
Dryfeel® for outdoors
Dryfeel® for mattresses
Firm high-density foam 
Temperature-independent visco